19th Century Anyone?


The Meridian Historical Village

Saturday, when I pulled up to the Historical Village in Meridian Township, I immediately felt self conscious. Not because there was food on my face (though I had scarfed my lunch down while driving). Not because my little Mercury looks like has taken some beatings (frankly, it’s just an old car). But because there were people milling about dressed like it was the 19th century, complete with bonnets and blacksmiths doing their thing, while here I was not only supporting jeans, a super cute pair of riding boots, and my new HOMTV shirt, but an HD camera, tripod, and audio pack. Let’s just say I stuck out like a polar bear in the Amazon (though if you were a fan of Lost, this metaphor may have no affect on you because it was a typical thing that happened for, what? Seven seasons?).

However, covering the event was, well eventful. I got to see a wood carver at work, an old-fashioned baseball game, a lady walking around selling bread, art, llamas (best part), watching some dancers do an Irish jig, and overall just enjoy being outside amidst my fellow country men and women. Though I was working, I was experiencing new things. That has to be my favorite part about being a journalist!

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