Little Girl, Big Dreams


Along with taking career quizzes online as an eleven year old and using the fake name “Shaniqua Star” to get my results, I used to do some other interesting things that people don’t know about.

In my junior high years, I would get bored studying and reading a study guide in my head over and over again. To make my study time more fun, I would pretend my study guide was my script, use my reporter voice, and try to memorize it by looking up and making eye contact. Yeah, that happened.

It was clear that even as a little girl, I had big dreams and knew exactly where I wanted to go. My unique study habits helped prepare me, in a way, for what I did at HOMTV this week, which was putting together my first story.

I had to memorize my stand up just like I memorized my study guide and I got to use my reporter voice, while shooting my stand up and interviewing my sources. This week I did my story on Haslett being ranked #13 for being one of the best and most affordable places to live in the country by CNN Money. I had the privilege of talking with Meridian Township Treasurer Julie Brixie and Meridian Township Associate Planner/ Economic Developer Peter Menser about the recent news. Interviewing them was a pleasure.

I enjoyed taking another step to making my dreams come true and putting together this story about Haslett. I hope you enjoy it as well!

Signing out, “Shaniqua Star.”

Click here to watch!

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2 Responses to Little Girl, Big Dreams

  1. I still do cheers in front of the mirror. I’ve been doing them since 4th grade… in front of the mirror. I’m probably lame that way. But, I can see what smile I should wear, which one feels right and looks right and which one is fake. It does help. I also read books to my kids in a reporter voice memorizing Disney lines and reading them in front of the mirror. I was so annoying to them. They would tell me to stop all the time. Ha ha! Glad to hear you ‘coming out’ with your story. Now I know I’m not alone.

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