The Woes of Event Filming

This was my first endeavor into event filming.

The thing about event filming verses, well not event filming is, well, ummmmmmmmmm…

It’s people.

There are people everywhere!  And it’s not just that you can see them, they can see YOU.

Apparently nothing is more exciting and nerve-racking than a young woman in a denim vest with a camera.

It was something to get used to.  There were some people, like these guysImage

who were more than happy to be on camera!

But a lot of people froze up once I started filming them (I’ll spare them and not put their pictures up).

I started feeling like I had to hide and zoom in really far, like a wildlife photographer,


catching the citizens of Meridian Township in their natural habitat.

Everyone seemed to be having a lot of fun though, despite my intrusion…find out more about the 40th anniversary of the farmers market here! 

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