Harris Nature Center Toasts Their New Turtle and I Toast Tony

This week I covered a story about a “Turtle Toast.” Yeah, a Turtle Toast… it’s a real thing.

For those of you that know me, you are probably thinking, “Wow, Amanda, you would choose a story about a turtle. Surprise, surprise.” And I would like to tell you that I was ACTUALLY assigned this story. Shocker? I know.

The Turtle Toast was an event put on by the Harris Nature Center to toast their new addition to their nature center, which is a beautiful turtle sculpture that was created by Doug DeLind and marks the beginning of their new exploration area. The exploration area will include more additions to give visitors the opportunity for some hands-on learning. Some of these new additions will include an area to find fossils, along with a huge tree house to bird watch.

I met the naturalists that work at Harris Nature Center, artist Doug DeLind, and a lot of cool people from Meridian Township. Seeing how excited they all were about the new project, made me happy. If more people had as much passion as all of them, I think that the world would be a better place.

Now, I, myself, would like to make some toasts… Here’s a toast to making sure my microphone is always on when doing a story. Here’s a toast to my time so far at HOMTV and the times to come. Here’s a toast to people with undeniable drive and indescribable passion. And lastly, here is a toast to my dead turtle, Tony. Rest in peace, little guy. This one was for you.


Above is a picture of Tony and I. I wanted a turtle since my tenth grade year in high school and finally, I got Tony over the summer. Sadly, he passed away a couple weeks after he was in my arms for the first time, or should I say fingers… RIP TONY 😦

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