Football and oh yea, football

Friday night and again more football. I went across town to cover Okemos and Sexton. Okemos was still coming out of the effects of the coaching change of which I have an opinion but this is not for that. Just to say, we try to teach the students about bullying and I hope the parents weren’t. Enough said.

The Chieftons played hard for their new coach and his care and guidance was apparent especially on the defense. Sexton had a great offense and should have run away with this game.OkemosSexton Especially the running game. They had backs that would have made any college team drool to the point of flooding. Okemos still lost but not for lack of heart. Second and third effort kept them in the game. The offense played their hearts out as well but tonight Sexton was the better team.

I’m still proud of you guys! Always fair play. Always full effort and always sportsmanship. Help the guy up no matter the jersey and acknowledge the good plays.

I had to leave early to cover the last of Haslett and Dewitt. Again both teams playing hard. Dewitt had a 10 game vs Haslett winning streak at stake and Haslett home field pride.When I arrived the inevitable was upon them as Dewitt was comfortably ahead. Screen Shot 2013-09-28 at 8.25.12 PMBut Haslett always fights until the end giving their opponent all that they can handle.

After the game I was impressed by the crowd. For over an hour the parents and fans from both teams were talking and visiting. Thus making the world a touch smaller and maybe giving the game the class it needed. After all its still a game and should be treated as such. If you’re going to use sports to ‘shape’ the young people then the camaraderie is as important as the hard work it takes to win. Please keep these games in perspective.

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