Alaskan Metaphor

Shooting b-roll for the Okemos Streetlights Project story!

Shooting b-roll for the Okemos Streetlights Project story!

Firsts can be scary. The first time you walk (don’t remember that). The first time you drive (went to La Señorita for my birthday dinner, and I was probably more excited than scared). The first time you go oversees for five months to live in England (one word: EPIC). And the first time* you shoot an interview that you know will go on-air so it’s a one-shot kind of deal (that’s a bit nerve-wracking).

Now, the moment of truth is not when you push the record button nor when you stop it. It’s not even when you get up and shake your interviewee’s hand while he tells you about living in Alaska for a summer (Ray Severy, Meridian Township Director of Public Works and Engineering, has been everywhere I found out). No, it’s that moment when you import your footage into Final Cut Pro X, nearly letting out an audible sigh of relief when it not only works, but looks good.

Sure, b-roll is easy. I go out, shoot a few signs and streets and cars, maybe even a biker or two. I can get a bunch of footage and then mix it all up, making it looking brilliant (hopefully). But an interview is another story.

I have learned I need to get it right. I have to be careful and critique my own work, but I also have to be conscientious of my interviewee’s schedule. I have to set up the camera, lighting, mic, and make sure everything not only works, but gives off a vibe of “Yeah, I know what I’m doing,” and “Yes, this does look that good.” It’s a delicate balance most assuredly, but I know I’ll get the hang of it.

Ray’s interview went quite well. I learned a lot, got a great SOT (basically, an interview clip) out of it, and the video doesn’t look too shabby. However, there’s always room for improvement, as well as a nice metaphor: I’m like Alaska as it is transitioning from winter to summer. Over time, it is illuminated more and more each day as summer approaches, shedding light on everything that had remained hidden before.

As the days go by at HOMTV, my skills and talents are slowly being brought into the light, becoming more and more defined as who I am is illuminated by the coming summer sun. One day, I know I’ll be that person who not only produces amazing stories and films, but when I walk in the room, people will see me in a clear light and say, “Look. She’s someone who knows what their doing.”

*Confession: the interview for my story about the Okemos streetlights with Ray was not the first for HOMTV; however, 1) it was still a bit terrifying and 2) if we acknowledge that truth, I wouldn’t have something to blog about. So, please ignore this side note completely.

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