How I Became Inigo Montoya

Working hard on my promo in Motion!

Working hard on my promo in Motion!

Sometimes, new can be terrifying. However, it can also be rewarding, usually in unexpected ways.

My last promo for HOMTV I decided to try something new: make a 30-second promotion about Harris Nature Center’s Stewardship Mornings entirely in the program Motion.

Now, for you to truly appreciate this feat, let me paint a picture:

Monday morning I proposed my idea to Video Programmer Bryan Reynolds of HOMTV. He thought about it for a few seconds, skimming over my storyboard. I couldn’t read what he was thinking, but it didn’t seem good. Then he looked up and basically said, “That’s great, but Motion is a pain.” In fact, every senior HOMTVer I talked to made a point of saying how hard Motion was to use. Let’s just say, I was adequately warned of the challenge I was to face. And like all sensible people, I simply said, “BRING IT ON.”

Well, my promo is done. I didn’t end in an insane asylum nor did a computer explode. I received no injuries, physical or mental, from my duel with Motion. In fact, we parried and dealt blows, Motion as first marking me (kind of like Count Rugen did to Inigo Montoya in The Princess Bride), but in the end I got the upper hand and gave that program a mark to remember me by (like Inigo Montoya did to Count Rugen, except you know, he killed the Count… however, my duel was not as epic or romantic or adventurous as that story. Honestly, there are really no similarities. I just love that movie and had to get it in a post).

Anyways, I digress. My first Motion promo came out alright. Working in it I found similarities to other programs I had used before. Slowly, I was able to move quicker and figure out how to make an object twirl or make text wriggle like I wanted. The one thing I learned the hard way though was that Motion (unlike Final Cut Pro) does not have auto save…let’s just say I lost a good seven seconds of work because of this (at this point, I looked at the computer and said, “My name is Heather Hartmann. You killed my promo. Prepare to die.”). However, my attitude remained positive and I was able to quickly redo what I had done (and it was better than the first time glad to say).

It was a good experience overall. I enjoyed learning something new and am now able to add Motion to my list of skills (I plan on improving in it as well)! It’s safe to say I have yet to completely conquer Motion, but I’ve made a dent in its forces (kind of like Fezzik did to Humperdink’s army that was guarding the castle during the wedding…but again, not really) and slowly but surely, I shall rule the world- uh, I mean Motion.

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