My Blog, My Thoughts

ImageDo you want to know the best thing about blogs? I can give my opinion in them, which is the opposite of what I get to do with the rest of my writing.

So since this is my blog, here comes my opinion.

I met the most amazing dog this week. An all-black German shepherd with breathtaking brown eyes. His name is Yukon and he is a part of the Meridian Township Police Department.

I was under the impression that police dogs couldn’t be pet when they are working, but since Officer Tobias and Yukon were there to get their picture taken, Yukon was allowed to jump up and lick my face. Officer Tobias always has a tennis ball in his pocket for any down time and Yukon is quick to cover it in drool. The best part about Yukon is all of the dog’s commands are in Hungarian since he was brought over from Hungary. He was the biggest sweetheart and can also sniff drugs from a center console without even opening the car door.

Just some quality time with Rob, Officer Tobias and Yukon. Needless to say, it was one of the best days I’ve had at HOMTV.



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