The Art of Rejection

ImageIn one of my classes at MSU, my professor assigned us homework that might sound odd.

We were required to get rejected over 10 times. As human beings, rejection is painful, aggravating and the last thing you aim for. Getting a free drink at the bar, or $10 from a stranger, these were the kind of things he wanted us to aim for. Little did I know that my homework was going to complete itself with my assignments for HOMTV.

Whether it be an ignored email, or not getting phone calls back, I experienced it all. I’m generally an upbeat person, but MAN did it get the best of me this week. If I heard one more person telling me to “Cheer up” or “brush it off” I was going to lose it!

Then I remembered my homework. There was a reason my teacher wanted us to experience these things. It happens. There are going to be stories and information that won’t work out the way you planned, but you move on and figure something else out. The news waits for no one, and neither do I.


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