The Smell of a Sassafras Tree

Me lugging around my camera in the woods!

Me lugging around my camera in the woods!

After today, my arms are nicely toned. Why? That’s what happens when you lug a camera and tripod through the woods for an hour (this also happens after one workout with Jillian Michaels). However, now that I’m thinking about it, I spend a lot of the time in the woods with my camera… huh.

Anyways, Harris Nature Center had their annual Autumn Walk today (October 13th for all of you reading this post on another today that’s not today), an expert from the center leading a group of curious, forest-loving people along the paths of the park (plus a mildly interested intern from HOMTV). Dutifully, I followed along, learning the meaning of haste when it comes to setting up, getting your shot, and then packing up as the group turns a corner, no longer able to be seen. Let’s just say my focusing skills and quickness at making sure the camera is leveled has increased profusely.

After we came back from our nice trek (I learned that Columbus knew he was nearing land during his journey across the big blue when he smelled Sassafras trees which have the distinct scent of root beer…who knew?), I proceeded to interview a couple of people for my package.

Both were splendid and I enjoyed talking to random strangers while on video as always. In fact, the second one even complimented my interviewing skills which made me beam! True, we were surrounded by a dozen or so tanks of turtles and various amphibians, which always relaxes a reporter, but her comment once again reassured me that I was going into the right field. Even if I take a more production-like track, journalism will always be at the center. I love asking questions and I love hearing their answers. I like turtles pretty well too.

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