Migration of the Peanut Butter

Chilling in the woods.

Chilling in the woods.

It was eighth grade. The play we put on was The Little Princess. And me? I was the antagonist, the evil British girl known as Bridget. My favorite part? I got to tackle the protagonist to the ground. Let’s just say my mother’s shoes that I were wearing got scuffed up pretty bad (she wasn’t too happy about that).

Since that play, I’ve loved to act. There is something about putting on a new “face” if you will, taking on a character whose attributes are not your own. I love the costumes, the roles, and the lengths to which you can go to preform and truly have your character be part of you (please note: I’m not hard core in this area; simply put, I enjoy it!).

Now, I am not saying I’m good at acting; I may be horrendous in your opinion (my British friends have since crushed my belief my English accent was any good…they make me speak in it so they can have a good laugh). However, I enjoy it nonetheless.

This past week’s promo, I decided to put my passion for acting to work. Whether it was fighting off twigs and leaves or walking around in front of the capital building, I had fun shooting it. It was a challenge, trying to maintain my focus and white balance while I was both behind and in front of the camera.

Perhaps the funniest moment occurred after I had finished shooting and was back at HOMTV. My phone vibrated and I found I had a text from my roommate asking if I had hid her jar of peanut butter on her (She told me later that she’d nearly just said, “GAME ON!” and was going to hide my jar; that, would have been a major problem…for her).

For my promo, I had filmed in our apartment. The shot had required me to empty out a cupboard to over-exaggerate the poor-college-student character I was playing. I thought I had put everything back pretty close to where it had been, but obviously the peanut butter had migrated.

That’s what happens when you live with a journalism major.

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