My Birthday Week!

Well, I’ve reached that age that Taylor Swift sings about… the big 2-2! I thought you had to hit 30 before you got OLD comments. A kid in one of my classes pointed out,

“Wow…you’re like 3 years older than me!”

Image,THANKS! At least I can purchase my own alcohol!

It’s a different feeling now that I am older though. My boyfriend lives in Poland, my best friends have mostly graduated and it’s not like elementary school when you have a class party and everyone gets excited about the dessert your mother slaved over. 

Tuesday night (midnight of my birthday) I had my “I’m old and no one loves me” breakdown. Little did I know, my roommate was slaving over a dessert of his own. 

Everyone kept asking, “What are you going to do for your birthday?!”

The truth is, I had a night off, something that rarely happens. So, after an amazing dinner at Olive Garden with my mom and brother, I just wanted to be lazy! I wanted to sit on the couch, do nothing and catch up on my TV shows. My roommate came in with a cake that could have been on Cake Boss! It was a depiction of my favorite game/addiction, Candy Crush (I’m on level 418). Some of my friends came over and we played Scattergories. Some might think it was a lame birthday, but to me, it was exactly what I needed. 

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