Haslett Dewitt Volleyball

Haslett v Dewitt volleyball!!! No love lost between these 2 teams. Haslett was the home team and Dewitt didn’t get the message. I was there an hour before the game and still had to fight to get my spot to shoot. Dewitt fans packed the place and even had the noise levels to loud for my sound. HaslettVball

I set up, white balanced, set the volume and put in earplugs.

Two young people crowded close to the tripod so I decided to use them to help ID the players. Very good move on my part as they were cousins and school rivals as well. What fun!! Both telling me who just made the SHOT, the BLOCK or the error. The error was generally pointed out by the wrong girl.HaslettDewitt

Then trouble.. the Dewitt fan had a a ..dare I say it.. a twin. And somehow earplugs just didn’t cut it anymore. Then there was the earthquake. Haslett started winning so the twins would get the Dewitt fans stomping their feet to the beat of the cheers. Rock the house kids. So much for camera stability.

I was glad when game four was over. Haslett won..Dewitt went silent and the room cooled when all those 98.6 bodies filed out the door.

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