For this week’s assignment, I was asked to do a promo for one of our own shows that we produce here at HOMTV, so essentially, it was a “show” about a show. When it came down to filming for it, I was filming something while it was being filmed. It was kind of a weird inception type phenomenon. 

Instead of being involved in the production of the show, I had to do my own production and get all of my shots while the show was going on. For this promo, I took the viewers behind the scenes of what it’s like during the production of a live show. As you can see below, the set from my point of view is a little different than what you may see at home.



I tried to show each of the main steps that happen while going on the air, from the control room loaded with tons of buttons for the switcher and audio boards, out to the people both working the camera and on the air. Not only does this assignment promote the show, but it sparks the interest of other viewers who may be interested in television production and can even help promote the internship a little bit. Overall, I think it turned out pretty good. So now if you want to incept yourself, check out my promo below, and don’t forget to watch Meridian Magazine Live every Monday at 5:30pm!


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