Arts, Crafts and Toy Cars

Exciting news everyone! I MADE A STOP MOTION VIDEO!  Well, 6 seconds worth anyway. But I must admit, I give a lot of credit to people that make full length stop motion movies and animations. It’s a lot of work!


I used my craft skills that I learned in elementary school to create my scene, and had to make the car appear to move shot by shot moving it a little bit at a time. Recording it wasn’t too bad since I just let the camera roll and I would move my hand out of the way for a second, and then move it again. The real hassle was trying to edit it. For only 6 seconds of final video, I had over two minutes of footage to actually sort through. There were so many cuts that I had to make in between each shot and delete all the excess in between. It was tedious. Once I had all my shots, I had to figure out the length of each clip to make it look as smooth as possible without it lingering too long on a still image (which essentially, they all were). It was an illusion of movement. And overall, I don’t think it turned out too bad if I say so myself. It’s just mind boggling to think that all that work turned out to only 6 seconds of video. Professionals that do stop motion must have A LOTTTT of patience for this kind of work.

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