Just Don’t Pass Out…

ImageOne of my stories for this week was to cover the Meridian Township Blood Drive at the Municipal Building.

Fun Fact #1: I have O Negative blood.. So I can donate blood to anybody in the world.

Fun Fact #2: I can only receive blood from other O negative blood types.

Fun Fact #3: I haven’t given blood since 2008 because I’ve passed out 2 out of 3 times after donating.

Not only does the Red Cross call me about 100 times a month, I really don’t mind giving blood. The idea of being able to save someone’s life by taking an hour out of your day seems like a no brainer.  However, my mother only seems to have my safety in mind. She strongly encourages me not to donate, so I haven’t.

The day of the blood drive I decided to disobey my mother and try to give blood for my story. I mentally prepared, I physically prepared (ate a huge lunch) and then gathered my photog (Tom) to film my experience.

I am to the point in the check up where they prick your finger to check your iron levels (the worst part of the whole process).


It was too low…I did not have enough iron to donate. I couldn’t let my story suffer for my lack of meat and beans in my diet.

“Prick the other hand!”

The nurse was impressed by my bravery and tested my other hand with a different machine.

12.2   AGAIN!

Apparently it’s even more rare that you test the same level the second time. However, either way, it was too low. Head down, I walked out, unable to give blood. My body knew what I was trying to do to it again and stopped me before I even got to the bed.

Maybe next month 🙂

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