Saving the World – One Kitchen at a Time

I’m going to be honest here, I was having a bit of trouble coming up with inspiration for my 3-part promo series.

It was hanging over my head for what felt like weeks, even months!

It was probably like 4 days.

But then I remembered a little mishap my roommates and I had involving our stove…

All I’m gonna say is, it ended with our duplex smelling pretty strongly of plastic.

(Don’t worry no one was hurt and no permanent damage.)

But then it came to me!  It was a sign, I knew why I had been given this assignment.

The universe was telling me – urging me – to spread knowledge so no one else would have to pry their electric tea-kettle base from their stove with a screwdriver.

So I recruited Mary, who has been a great friend to me since freshmen year at MSU



Here’s Mary (left) and me (right) in the cafeteria.

And her wonderful roommate CJ


And we binge-shot all three promos one Friday afternoon.

I could not have asked for better actors, and I truly believe, together, we made a real difference.

Get info on staying sanitary, stove safety, and oven safety, and pass it on to your friends and loved ones!

Hope everyone likes them!

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