Work Hard Students It’s the Playoffs

I was at Okemos High School the other day waiting for the first round of the Volleyball district playoffs to begin. The players and their friends started to show up all talking about homework assignments. Most had book bags and most did some homework right there on the bleachers and floor.aaOkemos

Then there were a lot of hugs and the girls skipped off to the locker room to get ready for tonight’s game. There wasn’t a grumble or slow exit just the excitement of the upcoming match. Most weren’t concerned with the game at hand…they wanted to play Haslett.

They felt that their hard work and conditioning was going to give them what they needed to win.

I was glad that homework was first. But then the hitting the ball against the wall. And then to each other. Diving to the HARDwood floor. Yeow ya it made my knees and elbows hurt just watching.

This to win a game and be on the wall of honor.

But I was most proud when the girls talked about the hard work to not let the team down.

They coached each other and congratulated good effort no matter the outcome.

Go getum girls. I hope that your hard work pays off. For your lifetime.

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