Another Really Interesting Blog About How Much We All Love Motion Here at HOMTV

Now we’ve all come to the same conclusion about Motion-that it is a horrible program that is not user friendly people-in-the-immediate-area-or-within-earshot-of-the-user friendly-but, some weeks, your vision just calls for it.

I won’t bore you with too many details about the struggles, the misbehaviors, the “dang-nabbit!”s or “fudge-nugget!”s.  Instead I’ll tell you what went right.

Which was mostly that I kept things simple.  I mean honestly the hardest part was trying to get this line:


to look less like a five year old drew it.


Hey, we can’t all be Michelangelo’s, but I would say I got pretty close


Back to what went right: I figured it out in the end.  It could have take me a lot longer.  I went grocery shopping so I’m slightly less hungry.

Yes, I was pretty hungry for the majority of the process.  

See what you think of my motion skills, and find out more about the Michigan Avenue Grand River Avenue Charrette’s here.

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