Banking On Christmas

Christmas TreesChristmas is my favorite time of the year. I love everything about it: its meaning, the tree, the snow, the laughter and love and cheer. Honestly, I think the world gets a little brighter around this holiday and I wish the season to celebrate it was longer.

So when I had to go shoot b-roll for my story on the Flagstar Bank proposal, you can probably understand how excited I was to find out I’d be spending 30 minutes in the cold and snow right next to a Christmas tree farm!

Sure, my hands were cold. Sure, my nose was about to fall off. Sure, I nearly slipped and died. But I got my daily dosage of Christmas Tree (something I’ve been lacking- at my home back in Gaylord, we have multiple trees..though they are all fake). Honestly, it’s something I bank on every year to help keep me going!

The snow was beautiful as it fell, blanketing the ground. The trees sprouted from the white behind me. Lights swung, strung up by wooden poles. I was blessed to be able to step outside for a half hour and take in the sight, no matter how cold I was!

And though I then had to go back to HOMTV to edit, I could picture the beautiful scene as I put together my story.

Let’s just say it made me merry. So merry, I may or may not have been singing Christmas songs for nearly two hours while I edited. Thank goodness the other interns didn’t mind!

I hope…

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