Camera 1 Ronnie 0

Let me tell you this, I learned during my first assignment that there is so much more to using a camera than meets the eye. Anyways, back to my first assignment. There were two parts, first I had to shoot a VOSOT on Energy Assistance. The weather has been so cold here in Michigan that heating bills have really increased. My job for this part of my was to find out tips  individuals could utilize in order to decrease there heating bill while still staying warm. That portion was extremely informative.

Now to the second portion of my assignment. Earlier in the week our internship director Brandi posted a question on Facebook asking who wanted to cover high school basketball. Being the sports enthusiast I am I quickly volunteered. To my surprise when I arrived to my first high school basketball game to shoot I quickly realized its really hard to keep your camera in focus while shooting moving objects at the exact same time. Just a little side note about me, your boy here isn’t very tech savvy. So learning how to use a camera has been an odyssey. To me using a camera is like learning a foreign language. Anyway I refuse to let the camera get the best of me. If any of you guys are interested in monitoring my progress check out my latest package on the Haslett Girls Basketball team. I literally had a celebration when I finished.

In Conclusion, I really like inspirational quotes so I will leave you with this ” The only difference between GOOD and GREAT is Mentality.”



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