My first stories on air.

This is my first week to do the stories for HOMTV.  In the first few days of week, I was so stressed and nervous to do the stories for the professional TV station to on air other than for my class assignment.  I was worried about my grammar and voice over. But anyway, I have no choice. I was planning to finish everything by Friday because I want to celebrate the Chinese New Year with my friend. I made several calls on Tuesday, and every interviews was going well and set up on Tuesday.  However, one of my story is talking about snow plowing and shoveling, I have to get some footage about plowing car during the snow. I check the weather everyday, and never expect snow like those days. But we didn’t have snow until Thursday night. So I set up 2 interviews on Friday and it totally messed up my schedule cause I cannot finish my assignment before Friday means I can’t celebrate the Chinese New year.  I was kind of depressive because I really want to join the Chinese New year celebration.  On saturday, the huge snow made stuck in the house… I can’t go anywhere, so I gave up and gave myself a break to stay in the house.

When Monday was coming,  I got email and realize it will on air at 5:30. I feel like the day was crushed by a heavy stone.  So I skip my classes in the morning and stay in the station for whole day to finish all my assignment.

I am glad that all stories went ok and I feel good to see the stories that made by myself is on air.  I hope I can do it better in the future and be more professional.


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