What A JOB!

Over the weekend, I tackled my first assignment. My first assignment was to make a VO/SOTVO of the Chinese New Year Celebration that was held at the Meridian Mall. I was excited because it was my first real coverage but super nervous once the day arrived. When I first entered the mall I walked right in front of the parade and I freaked out. I quickly set up my shot, focused, and white balanced. I began recording only to realize the footage I got was oddly enough dark. It took me a minute to realize whoever had the camera before me left the ND filter on! Like a mad woman I packed up my things and chased after the Dragon Parade attempting to stay ahead of it and get some great broll. I was sweating and getting exhausted but overall I got some excellent shots. I decided to find out where the performances would be held so I could set up there and prepare to get some footage of the show. Well, I found the stage, but I was not expecting there to be a seating arrangement set up in front and an area designated only for the performers. My nerves kicked back in and I attempted to get footage from the back of the audience…great idea right? No! People kept standing up in the middle of my shot and I had kids running around my tripod while I was shooting. I knew I had to move closer but how could I do that when there was no walk space. Luckily, a man observing introduced himself and I, myself, as HOMTV. He helped me carry my things to the very front so that I could get some great footage. But boy did I step on someones toes (not literally)! This woman and her kids were sitting in the very front row anticipating the next musical guest and when I finally set up my shot, got my focus, and white balanced she decided I was in her children’s line of sight (mind you their no older than 5 or 6). I apologized a hundred times and attempted to wiggle over but realistically there was nowhere else for me to go. Need less to say the woman was not pleased with me and made me very aware of it. Once the show got underway I think not only the audience but myself as well got over our discomfort and enjoyed the show! My favorite part of the show would have to be the Fashion Show. But after shooting for an hour trouble striked again! Suddenly my P1 and P2 cards were full…I forgot to format the cards before I began shooting and someone elses footage was still on them! At first I panicked because this happened to me once before and in attempt to delete their footage, I formatted the entire card, deleting all my footage in the process. After texting with my awesome coworker Alexandra, I was reminded that I could go and delete files one by one. After I freed up some space I went looking for someone to interview. But everyone refused to be on camera! Good thing I ran into another life saver, Julie Brixie, who was able to provide an interview and find me one other person to do so. I met the event coordinator, Julie Jiang, who eased my nerves with her “honest” humor. I felt good after getting two interviews and more than enough broll. I headed back to the studio and spent the rest of my weekend editing. Reflecting back over the process I felt proud because I accomplished something and learned a lot from the experience. The one thing really struck home for me this weekend was that I am not just an intern but that HOMTV is more like a job! I lost my beloved uncle the night before the event. Instead of racing home to my family like I wanted to and would have, I knew I had to stay and cover the event. Although I was mourning and overwhelmed, nothing had been determined yet for my uncles death. I had a lot weighing on me far as school work, other commitments and expectations but I knew I could still get my work done for the event. My family reassured me that my uncle would be proud of me but I still plan to get as much work done as I can  before going home to see my uncle off to his final resting place. Overall, I realized the meaning of time management, sacrifice and discovered my own strength. I have overcome so much and I have put more work in and dedicated more time into this internship than I ever have with anything. The official proud moment for me was seeing my event make top story on HOMTV’s website! Although others may not see that as a big deal, it was the slightest reward that encouraged me not to give up or be discouraged. Thats why to me I’m not just a rookie intern, but I’m on the JOB! A job that I expect to pay off tremendously in the end.

Chinese New Year CelebrationR.I.P my beloved Uncle Gary

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