UM and YA KNOW….

I have taken several public speaking courses over my academic career, and the first thing you learn is to NEVER say words like um… ya know… and other fill in words like that when you are making a speech. Why? Because it is annoying, it takes away from the audience trying to listen to you, and it also allows the person listening to you forget about what you are saying.

I had my first live shot this week to be aired on post script of Meridian Live following the township board meeting. Needless to say I was extremely excited. I love to interview people. The meeting lasted about 4 1/2 hours long because residents in the township are concerned about a fire station being build in their neighborhood.

Although it was so long, it was interesting to watch people become so passionate about the things they believe in. I would say I get very passionate about things when I feel strongly about something, so I give those people credit for speaking their mind.

By the time the meeting was over, it was time for me to interview Township Board Member, Trustee Milton Scales. I wouldn’t say I was by any means nervous, I was excited, but didn’t want to mess up. I think the interview went well for the most part. I focused on certain questions that I pre-planned, and Trustee Scales was giving me good answers, allowing me to think of some other questions on my feet.

A few days after the meeting  I wanted to take a look at how I did, so I watched the footage. I CANNOT believe how many times I said “um” and “ya know.” If I had a penny for every time I said those words for the 12 minutes we talked, I would have $1,000!! I sent the video to my family to have them watch and critique me as well as other people who I know are good at this type of stuff. They said the same thing; you did well, but…. the “ums” and the “ya knows.”

To me, this is a learning experience. I like to get critiqued because it only makes you better. I was extremely annoyed listening to myself say those words as I’m sure anyone watching it was, so that is something I am taking upon myself to work on NOW, so I can just get better from here.

The lesson from this week’s blog is to NEVER, EVER use words like um or ya know in a speech, on air, etc. This will annoy the listener and will draw them away from what you’re trying to convey. I have definitely learned from this, hoping from now on, I will pause whenever I want to UM let those words out..YA KNOW?

My news package this week is about the Meridian Township Fire Department. I am so amazed at how hard they work and how extensively they train. Talk about commitment to society. I had so much fun sitting down with Chief Cowper, Chief Priese, and going to the Meridian Twp. Fire Station to complete my package. There is so much going on in the department, and it is exciting to be able to let the public know what is going on behind the scenes. Stay Tuned!

Here are some photos:



















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One Response to UM and YA KNOW….

  1. Judy Hicks says:

    I am excited to see you excited about this new adventurous career move!

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