Its Not What You Think

I have finally completed my first promo. After a emotional yet refreshing weekend away, I came back to HOMTV motivated and ready for new assignments. But first I had to get my first promo finalized. My promo did not come out quite how I had pictured it. The sound effects were not ideal and my footage could use a little color correction. However, I am quite proud of myself for attempting to use the software, Motion. It took me hours to make those thought bubbles and days to get them to move and appear in my video. I realized thats its the little things that matter most. Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 3.57.39 PMWhen looking at a video all you see is the fluency between the action, effects, music and you don’t realize that someone had to make those. You don’t think “I wonder how long it took them to make that”? or how frustrated they became working on the “little” things. Overall, I was pleased with my first promo. It was not great but I succeeded at getting my message across. I am determined to get better with everything I do here and to make the best of these opportunities. Next up…conquering stop motion!


Check out my first promo here:


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