Always found out some new great things during from my story.

In last week, the 50 plus fitness program makes decided to work our once a week. And this week, my assignment makes me found out a great thing for my life again.

One of my story is for the renewed spirit salon relocated. I like doing facial treatment, massage.  I do them every week when I am in China. However, I never found a good place for the facial and massage. I did massage at the Meridian Mall once, it doesn’t make me feel too much better since I always feel my shoulder hurts. And using facial cleanser always isn’t enough to keep your face real clean, you have to do the facial treatment that will use some equipment to clean the inside of your face. 

The atmosphere of Renewed spirit salon make me feel very nice, so I made a appointment to try their facial and massage right after I done my interview. I am expecting my appointment, I can’t wait to do the treatment and massage already even I don’t know if they are good or not.  Anyway, I hope they are good so I will not worry about my face and I can let my friends know them too!

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