Taking On The Impossible

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For my second promo I decided to use stop motion for the very first time. My assignment topic was on the upcoming event Sporties For Shorties. Immediately I thought of drawing awesome graphics of parents, a child, a variety of sports and 3D letters. I envisioned this great cartoony looking comic book. But then I realized, I can’t draw to save my life. I ended up with  a bunch of black and white graphics printed off the internet and some letters made from scratch that I had to hand color and design. All together from the designing, shooting, and editing I would say this project took me…A LIFETIME.  The designs alone took a whole evening with some help in coloring from my best friend Darien and mentor Darkus. The shooting was the most frustrating thing EVER. I had to move the pieces, shoot for 10 seconds, stop and move the piece again. I had to numerous scenes over just to get the action right. I changed the backgrounds a few times and even the lighting. Eventually I was convinced I captured the story and began editing. Well editing took me about 3 days. Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 12.05.54 PM Throughout this entire process I got a little discouraged and thought I bit off more then I could chew. But once I got editing underway I started to get excited because things were falling into place. Overall, I was very pleased and proud of the final product. The day I submitted my promo it aired on Meridian Magazine. At the time I was working the audio board for the show so I was clueless until my coworker Molly came running in saying how cute I talk and how good my promo was. That moment for me was unforgettable. Although my promo did not turn out how I imagined, I thought it turned out pretty awesome for a first time stop motion. All my hard work paid off once again. So as I sit here brainstorming for my next promo, I challenge myself to think bigger and do  better. I must say I am proud of the work I have done here at HOMTV and I look forward to taking on the impossible.


Check out my latest  promo 😀

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