So tired of the snow…

I am always wondering, when does the snow is going to stop, and when am I going to wear shorts in the big sunny day…

The snow brings so many inconvenient to me. I always see the shoveling after I woke up as my morning exercise, to comfort myself.  

I always worried about how do I go out to shoot and do my interview during the snow day, it makes me so anxious . At this week, I called the tow car to help me get out to the main road AGAIN!!!!! The lucky thing is, insurance covered these couple hundred dollars tow fees for me. It makes me feel better. 

I always see some picture that people make fun to compare the snow between our area and the south. There are people use snow board to go to school and the school doesn’t cancel the class, however, when the south only gets a little bit snow, the school is cancelled. 


Anyway, I covered my second senior citizen’s story in this week, I feel I like cover this kind of the story, because I am so happy to see these many healthy seniors. And it also always reminds me that health is so important for me. Everything is based on you have a healthy body, unhealthy means you have nothing!!

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