Luck?… I call it something else

Family and friends ask what my work schedule is and I have decided the best answer is:

“I dont have days off, I have time slots off”

Working at the station as much as we all do, you tend to run into some regular faces even past midnight.

I always make sure to say hello and talk to “Gary” who handles the maintenance at our station. When you’re working that late it can probably get a little boring and lonely.

On Friday I was running around interviewing sources for a couple upcoming stories when I lost track of time. I needed footage inside a local government building for my story due Monday morning, but they had closed for the weekend. I was bummed to say the least.

I drove over to the the building anyway and saw one car parked in their parking lot. I went up to the front door of the building when I saw “Gary” inside with his supplies. I knocked on the door until “Gary” saw me and waved before walking

People first...the world is full of 'em

People first…the world is full of ’em

over to open the door.  He let me stay as long as I liked to film the footage I needed for my story and we chatted quite a bit before I left.

In journalism:

Hard work is a must and good luck is a bonus.

However, if you love people you will always love this crazy business because the world is full of them 😉



Molly M. Cassidy

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