Active Shooter Sensitivity

This week I was assigned to a story in which absolutely NO ONE wanted to talk to me about. I like to call my sources earlier in the week, to ensure that I am allowing enough time for myself to get things done. 

High School plans for active shooter situations. I cannot tell you how many principals, assistant principals I called/emailed to speak to me regarding this issue. No one wanted to talk about this. 

It is honestly the most frustrating thing when sources don’t call you back. In a way, I find it rude. Unfortunately though, there is nothing you can do, just move on to the next. I decided to take the story at a different angle. My friend Katelyn is an assistant teacher at a school in Lansing, so I decided to get her take on things. So, it all worked out…..IT ALWAYS DOES.

I saw this *funny* article about journalists. I couldn’t believe how ON POINT it was. Absolutely amazing. Here is the link: 

Definitely take a look if you would like to see the struggles that happen on a daily basis for people like me. 

I also did a short story on what to do to prepare for the ice and snow to melt. While making sure I look presentable for interviews and going outside to film water, snow, and sleet, I found myself wearing rain boots with a dress. These are the sorts of things you have to do when you’re a Multi-Media Journalist. 




Oh, and did I mention I stood outside for at least an hour filming a stand-up to go back into my car to find out that I wasn’t even framed in the shot? Image

HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! It wasn’t a few hours ago, but now I can laugh about it. 

Keep pushing through, never give up, and don’t let anyone or anything get in the way of pursuing your dreams. Stay positive.


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