Positives and Negatives GALORE!!!

It seems as life likes to open up each of my days like a garbage bag and put all kinds of weird things into them. Sometimes they are nice, wholesome things like a good meal and a soft bed. Other times they are like a sinus infection or a slipping on black ice. All those things happened to me this week and the days are getting fuller by the moment. Since I like making lists so much I like to count my top five positives and negatives since my last blog. You have been warned.

21+3 logoSince I like to end on a good note let’s get the negatives out of the way:

1. I was sick like dog for almost the whole week. Seriously! My nose was barking at me the whole time.

2. I was running like chicken with my head cut off trying to get all my assignments done for HOMTV. Good times are always had there but at the end of week I am looking forward for the down time during MSU’s spring break (even though I am not a student).

3. THE WEATHER!!! Can winter just “chill out” with all the low temperatures and snow already?! I mean what does it think we are? Giant penguins?!


Have at you, Old Man Winter!!!

Now it’s time for the positives:

1. A few days after waiting an hour for treatment at a walk-in clinic for my sinus infection, the clinic sends me a apology letter and a platinum ticket to go see a movie. YEAH FREE STUFF!!!

2. I got through my first few days working at Wendy’s without burning or cutting myself! That is always a win if you are starting to work at a restaurant.

3. I was able to finish my latest promo for Home Heating Safety ahead of schedule! Click the link to see my baby in action! http://bit.ly/Nvmsik



Have a “positively” good week everyone!

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