Be Humble, But Remain Memorable

This week was a hectic one. Needless to say my stress levels went through the roof, juggling my 19 college credits and making sure all of my stories are getting done in a timely fashion. BUT the week is now over and I am looking forward to a week-long vacation in Naples, Florida.

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This week, I got assigned to do a possible minimum wage story. I loved this story. I read a bunch of articles regarding it, and I did the best I could to make sure I fully understood what the proposal was. The Obama administration had proposed to raise the minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10. Right away I thought, ok, thats awesome. But, while finding sources and interviewing them, I soon learned that this could be a negative and positive thing. (As a reporter, you can’t be biased on how you present your information.) Interviewing the CEO of Capital Area Michigan Works about this, as well as a minimum wage worker at a local coffee shop, really helped to make my story come together. I am happy about the outcome.

Watch the video here:

Possible Minimum Wage Increase

I am always looking for ways to improve my performance on and off camera, so this news package is slightly different from the work that I have been doing recently. With the help from people that I have made connections with, this has helped me to improve my reporter-ability skills.

This week I also interviewed Commissioner Patricia Jackson for post script after the Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting. I enjoyed getting her insight on how the meeting went. She also cleared up some confusion throughout the meeting.


I have to say though, before going on camera, always have a smile on your face, because I was caught here making a rather weird one…How embarrassing.


Every week I am learning something new. Here are a few pointers:

If a source isn’t getting back to you right away, be persistent, move on to the next, and in a non-creepy, stalker-ish way, show up at the place of work, they won’t have time to deny you once you are already there.

ALWAYS remember to network. This is so extremely important to do. If you aren’t getting your name out there, no one will notice you.

I came across an interview this week. Mike Ilitch made a very strong comment regarding people going into the work force, saying one of the characteristics a person should possess is “To be humble, and to let people find out about your qualities through other people.”

I’ll leave you with that.



HOMTV Alexandra Ilitch 

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One Response to Be Humble, But Remain Memorable

  1. Judy Hicks says:

    Interesting….nice to get the perspective from both sides of the issue.

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