Sometimes Reporting Requires Studying Law

This week, I was assigned to do a story on same-sex marriages. Michigan made history on Saturday, March 22, 2014 when four county clerk offices opened their doors at 8 a.m. to issue same-sex marriage licenses to lesbian and gay couples. All because of two nurses who wanted to fight for their right to be able to adopt children and get federal benefits.


I was really excited to take on this story, but I learned a lot throughout the way. Everyday there was a new update on the story, something was happening every hour. State representatives were making speeches, a “stay” got put on the legal case.

I learned very quickly to make sure that I was diligently following the case. This is something that as a reporter, you MUST do.

I found myself looking up vocabulary words from my boyfriend’s law books, to make sure that I was understanding all of the law terminology that I was hearing, so that I would be able to interpret it to the audience in my package. This is very important to do; the last thing you want is to interpret the law into something that it isn’t.

I interviewed Ingham County Clerk, Barb Byrum—who was the first ever to perform a same-sex marriage ceremony in Michigan, and two men who were openly gay, who spoke about this on more of a personal level. I was trying so hard to find a same-sex couple that got married, so that I really could profile them in my story, but unfortunately I could not.

This week I will be hosting InnerView for MSU Race for The Place. I am excited to do this because I am also reporting the day of the race. I have hosted InnerView two previous times, and personally I love it. It is a different change of pace from making story packages.


Moral of the story here is: Follow changing stories and always study information such as law terms so that you can be that much better and understand exactly what is going on in stories such as these. Staying on top of things will always put you in a better place.

We have a little over a month left of the first-rookie semester of this HOMTV internship, it is flying by!! 

Have a nice week! 

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