Down by the Lake, Where the Park-And-Places Grow


Fell in love with this sign!

I have lived in East Lansing for three glorious years (well, actually less than that if you subtract the summers and those five months I’ve spent in England… but due to my poor ability at math and the easiness of rounding, let’s stick with three years). I hardly left campus my freshmen year, sticking to Grand River. Once or twice, my friends and I took the bus to NCG and P.F. Changs. But that was about it.

Sophomore year (during the semester I was here), I remember finally venturing to downtown Lansing and the capital building. Having spent most of my childhood in Wisconsin, I missed the field trip to Lansing (I did see Madison though). Old Town was in there as well somewhere as I had to go to photograph Blues Fest for class.

This year however, I have explored farther and deeper than ever before. I’ve biked the Lansing trail from MSU to Old Town. Downtown Lansing is visited several times a month. I think I could probably traverse much of Okemos and Meridian Township with a blind-fold on.

Chilling in a field.

Chilling in a field.

Today, I continued my exploration of Haslett. Having grown up north where there is a least two lakes five minutes from wherever you are, Lake Lansing had never really intrigued me (and to be honest, I didn’t know it was there until quite recently). So when I arrived at Lake Lansing Park South, taking video of what used to be the home of the Spiritualist Camp as well as the Amusement Park, I was pleasantly surprised by the wonderfulness of it all. It reminded me a lot of home, of living so near a lake and the numerous days spent boating on it.

Overall, I saw much of Haslett today I had yet to see. And I loved it. I know I have said this before, but this is one of the reasons why journalism is the best: the newness every day, the ability to go and do things you never would have done.

I graduate in less than a week, and yet there is so much in this area I haven’t seen. But that makes me excited for the future: what newness will I find where I go? What secrets does each city hold? If I have learned anything from making this documentary, it is to not fear the unknown, but embrace adventure.

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