“Ble, Ble, Ble, That’s All Folks!”

Well readers it’s the end of the semester here at HOMTV and it looks like that this maybe my final blog on this site. It seems like yesterday I just started my internship. Time just seems to catch up with me no matter how fast I run.

x4bvl6vFor one of my last promotional videos I put my Apple Motion skills to the test for to advertise the upcoming Meridian Township Blood Drive. During the video, I compare the amount beverages produced to the amount of usable blood produced in factories each year. I used animation and sound effects to create an abstract assembly line with moving gears and a conveyor belt. I also included a liquid dispenser with realistic spraying noises and moving bottles. If you want to watch my video, go to http://bit.ly/POex0q.

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 12.32.29 PMAnyway, it’s finally time to say good bye. I had a wonderful time here at HOMTV. I’ve met many wonderful people and learned many things about the news/broadcasting business. From setting up for news reports to Circus du Soleil, from interviewing talented young singers to filming late night township meetings and everywhere in between, it’s been a wild ride and I would not have wanted it any other way! Thank you all for reading and see you on the other side. This is Blair Nelson signing out.


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