TBEEZY to Tiaratubby to simply Tiara

Tiara as a MimeHi! I’m not really good at these things so I’ll start by saying my name is Tiara Marocco. Here I have the opportunity to tell you about myself…and it goes a little something like this! (If you read that last part in rap form then we’re on the same page here.)

I was born and raised in southern California into a Chicago-loving family as my father Bulls Pumpkinwas born and raised north of Chicago. He was a rapper “back in the day” and as a “daddy’s girl” I found it necessary to follow in his footsteps. After years of trying to Tiara Rappingpursue the art of knowing how to rhyme quickly, I found the nickname “TBEEZY” or should I say, it found me in high school and thus, a star was born.

However, I am not a star and my rapping career kind of ended before it started. I did keep the nickname but to lead the student section at my high school’s home basketball games and at all-school rallies where I was a “Red Wave” and Hawaiirallies commissioner apart of my school’s ASB. Prior to that, I was a cheerleader for seven years, winning seven national and state championships for my elementary and high school. Not a bad record, if I do say so myself.

Servite gameI have an insanely great love for my high school and to this day, believe it is the best in the nation. According to some rankings, it really is. Athletics was and is a huge part of Mater Dei and as a student, I got to experience some amazing football and basketball games, watching and knowing players who went on to play in college and are pursuing a career in the professional world. After being around athletics as a cheerleader and as a rallies commissioner, I went to A LOT of Red Teletubbygames and had to have lots of spirit but it was always exciting because sports meant a lot to the players and community, as well. I loved dressing up for our games and when we had a huge playoff game coming up, I knew that I needed to step it up. That is when the red Teletubby suit came about. I mean, what could be better than a Teletubby suit, right?! I’m proud to say that I made the newspaper and TV in that suit. Good times. My senior year of high school I realized how much I truly did love sports — well, watching them and analyzing them. I even made my own scouting reports during football season. When it came to my college application process, I applied to Michigan State University with my hopes to go to a Big Ten school, experience the Midwest, and to study broadcast journalism and become a sports reporter.

MSU CheerFlash forward a bit and I was a cheerleader for a year at MSU and also made a necessary purchase of a green Teletubby suit going into my freshman year and even made it on ESPN! That plus beating a higher-ranked Wisconsin football team was enough to make my life complete. Now, flash forward even more and I am a MSU graduate of the School of Journalism and a reporting intern at HOMTV this63382_443954029882_2537709_n summer. During my senior year I was a student assistant with Athletic Communications and was a reporter and anchor for MSU’s student-produced 1798071_10152229353754883_2091720444_nnewscast, Focal Point. With Focal Point, I was able to go to the Big Ten men’s basketball tournament all by myself as a multimedia journalist and filmed and edited a package for our show. I quickly learned how tough yet 35477_10151177112939883_122317039_nrewarding this industry is. Moving over 2,000 miles across the country just to go to school was very scary but also one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Although many people had their doubts, including myself, I made it! Lots of tears may have fallen and phone calls made home but I adapted to a new environment, grew up on my own, and learned a lot 1374827_10152371606724883_7914532448008040639_nabout life and gained the confidence to move anywhere and know that I will be okay. I learned a lot about myself, found a love for traveling and road-trips, and became a mom to a (now) five-month-old puppy.

1540388_10152093485384883_5712634_oI want to thank my amazing family (I am the oldest of five and obsessed with my siblings) and boyfriend of three years for all the love and support, as well as my friends here in Michigan and throughout the Midwest, and those back home in California. Bj Keith TravI hope that this internship gives me all the tools to pursue a career in sports reporting or in the film industry and I am so thankful to begin this new journey. Thanks for reading about me! I hope that you found some interesting tidbits and enjoyed it.

Coach Izzo

My “selfie” with Coach Izzo


Tiara Marocco


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