Voted Most Shy…

There must have been a mix up.

photo (3)

Me 🙂

About Me

Yes, that’s me. They call me It-Inease, I-tnashi, oh and even I-do-nease, but my name is I-ti-nease. I was born and raised in Ann Arbor. I graduated from Huron High school. I was voted most shy in my senior year book (that vote would have been over thrown if they knew me now). If you haven’t noticed I like to get out of my comfort zone. You would think that because I went to all Ann Arbor schools I would go to U of M, but I was born a Spartan. I’m interested in a career where I have to interact with people all the time, but I was voted most shy in high school. I’ve always done the opposite of what’s expected of me. So watch out!


What Motivates Me


My mom, little brother, and I

My little brother and I

My little brother and I










How it all started

During my initial enrollment at Michigan State University my major was psychology.  Before classes began I changed my major to Journalism. I didn’t think I could handle the pressures of a Psychologist. Trying to fix lives in this society would have been a burden, I tend to hold on to other people’s problems. I don’t think my future husband would like that. So I decided to switch over to broadcast journalism, because I figured I could help people on a broader scale if I were to get my own television show or be a part of one that informs the community.


The process

When I got to MSU I was very confused. I tried out for the dance team, which was an epic fail. From then on I decided would join organizations that would help me reach my career goals. So I became a part of The Impact. The Impact is MSU’s student run radio station, I was a Disc Jockey for about 2 years up until this summer.

photo (1)

Me working at The Impact


Behind the scenes of FocalPont

Behind the scenes of FocalPont



I also became a volunteer for Focal Point, where I stayed behind the scenes and worked the camera. I felt so legit until I put my head phones on and heard all the terms I couldn’t comprehend (just oblivious). After helping out for a while I got the hang of things and learned a lot of the different cues in production.





I’ve just completed my third week at HOMTV as a reporting intern and I’ve already learned so much. From learning to write a script, to editing with final cut pro. Also learned to never record children at a park and be seen getting out of a van. That’s obviously creepy. All jokes aside I am very happy to have the opportunity to get hands on reporting experience that I probably wouldn’t get elsewhere.  I hope you guys are ready because I am.


The journey begins let go through it together! kitten_smile-1611



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