You make your own luck.

What’s happening! Thank you for stopping by. Before I delve into my career path here are some quick facts about myself and my journey thus far. First off,  I am a  Central Michigan Graduate with a BAA in Broadcasting and Minor in Sport Management.Graduation

My story started in 2008 as Graduate of Michigan Center High School. Growing up I split time between my Ma (Mom) and Dad’s where I am the oldest of 5 half siblings.  I’ve  got 3 brothers on my Dad’s side and a brother and sister on my Ma’s side.


Not Pictured: Carter 9, and Cooper 5.

College started out rough at first. I didn’t have the slightest clue or direction. After a few years of ups and downs I finally began to realize what I had wanted to do all along. Everyone tells you to go get a business degree or something generic when you go to school. With that said, there is no shame in that route. However, I know that I will inevitably have to work for the majority of my life (unless I win the lotto, which would in essence take the fun out of things) so I decided that If I enjoy what I am doing, I will never have to work a day in my life. So I chose my career in sports broadcasting and never looked back.

After two years of failed news reporter auditions I was still set on breaking into the industry. Thus, I began my work at my first job at MHTV Sports as a cameraman instead of my original “I’m going to be a reporter” path that I saw myself on. This was humbling, yet motivating at the same time. After a few years, I worked my way up to a producer role and took my talents to my next stop

.MHTV Sports

The Great Lakes Loons are the LA Dodgers Single A minor league team. With a fantastic stadium in Midland and more opportunity for sports camerawork I knew this is where I wanted to be next. I worked one season as an intern, and was brought on as an hourly employee for the next season where I found my home behind the audio board as the stadium’s gameday DJ and part-time PA Announcer.


While working for the Loons I soon found out there was an ESPN radio office and station right next to the room where I worked. With no experience or knowledge of sports radio I walked in and asked if there was a way that I could help. This lead to an interview. The interview led to an internship, and an internship led to me being able to act as a reporter for every major sport the Mitten State has to offer.

Spring Game

This past January I flew to LA for the week and covered every press conference and practice for Michigan State and Stanford leading up to the Rose Bowl. I was fortunate enough to be able to not only have a seat in the press booth, I was able to be on the field for the last 5 minutes of the game.

2014 Rose Bowl

With HOMTV becoming the next exciting chapter in my life I am learning new things every single day. I aspire to one day work as an analyst/personality for college football on ESPN. Until now, I have no on-camera or newsroom experience. So while I have experience in the field I am a greenhorn in this new medium. Once it became clear I was going to be able to do this internship over the summer excitement flooded over me even though some of it was a garnished with a bit of uncertainty. A few weeks in and I can see that I still have a long way to go but the people around me are going to help make it all possible. This feels like a great place to learn and grow and I am elated to see what is going to happen next.


When I’m not working you can find me playing paintball, snowboarding, and going to concerts.






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