What happened after May 12th, 2014

Hi everyone, my name is Yiran Zhao, but I go by Joy. I am one of the new social media interns here at HOMTV for Summer 2014, and after the first few weeks, I have a feeling that this Summer will be exciting and memorable.

Last week I went on my first assignment — taking photos at the “Dedication Ceremony for the Sugar Maple Tree/Yousun Lee Memorial”!

Yousun Lee MemorialThe Lee family came from Korea, and are here at the Harris Nature Center in memory of their daughter who passed away. A sugar maple tree was planted for Yousun Lee, who loved Michigan’s nature.

When I first got the assignment from Andrea, I was confused how I should take the photos. Though I have learned photojournalism and am professional at it, I still am a rookie, and I wondered how different it would be — in class and in the “real world.”

I asked for suggestions, from Andrea, Rob, and Brandie. They trusted me very much and allowed me to decide how I wanted to take the photos. I have to admit I was nervous, and I decided to do it the photojournalist way.

I packed my camera, checked the battery and SD card, and prepared a second lens just in case. I wore the HOMTV T-shirt, had my badge ready, and got a notebook and pen in my pocket. It wasn’t a long drive, but I still arrived at least half an hour early. But when I got there, senior production intern Bryan was already there talking to another person attending the ceremony and had his video camera all set. Oh my! He arrived earlier than I did! I guess I will have to arrive even earlier for my next assignment. I have to admit, as a rookie, learning from junior and senior interns in the field was a quick way. I introduced myself, and followed Bryan around, also making sure that I won’t be in his shots and he won’t be in mine. The position was on a hill, and the sun made the situation a back light, but we both moved with our cameras around quite a lot times to get the best shots we can.

Yousun Lee Memorial


Though the memorial was sad and Yousun Lee’s mother always had a family photo in her hand, she still showed a smile under the sunshine, and I’m glad I was able to captured that moment.

Yousun Lee Memorial

There goes my first photography assignment, and I enjoyed it!

Never be afraid to ask questions and make the most out of this experience.




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