An Introduction to Me

My name is Alex Frankfort and I am a new intern at HOMTV this summer. This internship is my first experience in both the world of news and reporting as well as television production. So it has been an enlightening and challenging first few weeks. Luckily enough, the staff and management here at HOMTV have been nothing but supportive and helpful. I applied for this internship because I have a desire to learn the ins and outs of television production, filing, and editing.
PROD alex frankfort
A little background on me is in order though I suppose. Born and raised in Okemos, Michigan, and with two generations of family above me from the East Lansing area, I was never going to be anything other than a Spartan. I graduated from Michigan State University in the Spring of 2013, obtaining a B.A. in English with a focus in Creative Writing. When I tell people about my degree it, without fail, always draws the same question:

“So you want to be a teacher?”

I can’t blame people, it’s an obvious jump in logic, and there is no straightforward career path for an English Major after college. But no, and with all respect to teachers and the field of education, no I do not want to teach.

I want to write.

Growing up I always enjoyed stories in any medium that they appeared to me. Books, Comics, Movies, Cartoons, literally anything I could get my hands on. If I had come across an ancient cave painting of a hunter and a buffalo at 6 years old, I would have wanted to know what happened to the buffalo once the hunter got done sharpening his spear. I tried my own hand at writing from a young age as well. I was charged with writing the family Christmas plays each year, I created short comics about the adventures of my action figures, and created new scenes from books and movies I loved with my extensive lego collection. My childhood imagination was abuzz.

This is not to say I was an exclusively indoor kid. Sports have always been a big part of my life, and among them Football was (is) king. I was always a big kid growing up, usually having about 6 inches in height on every kid I competed against. For example, in sixth grade, I was already about 5’7″ and was quite a devastating linebacker. I dreamed about donning the Green and White, and playing college football for MSU someday, as my grandpa had for Northwestern University back in the 30’s. But, two snow skis, a pine tree, a broken femur, and a few closed growth plates later I was stuck at 5’9″ from 7th grade on. It of course didn’t stop me from enjoying and competing in football and other sports in high school, but it did put that dream a little out of reach.

Tying both the sports and writing together, my first ever “publication” is a letter to the editor in a 2008 issue of Sports Illustrated.

In college, I grew up immensely. I knew what I wanted to study, and dove into it. I joined Sigma Chi Fraternity, a decision which I believe has positively impacted and shaped me more than anything else in my life. I was a summer camp counselor in California for two years, I have traveled all around the continental U.S. (P.S. you can skip New Jersey), and I even fought an alligator once.

My ultimate goal in life is to make a living as an author.


About afrankfort1

Alex is a graduate of Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and a focus in Creative Writing. Equipped with a background/education in analytics, grammar, and public speaking, he also has a passion for storytelling (in any medium). During his time at HOMTV, Alex hopes to gain a proficient knowledge of production, camera work, and broadcasting.
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