“Standby…in 5, 4, 3…” “Wait, ALREADY?!?”

Ok, so maybe I was more prepared to go on-air for the first time than the title might suggest. And no, I did not have a look like this on my face when I first looked into the camera:

But it does show what was going through my mind when I found out that I would be hosting the Tuesday, June 3rd edition of Post Script. Overall, I feel I did pretty well, especially considering it was my first time. I was also lucky enough to interview Meridian Township Treasurer Julie Brixie, who was absolutely wonderful. But this post is dedicated to the days and moments leading up to the interview.

When I got the Post Script rotation from Brandie, the internship coordinator for HOMTV, I was thrilled to see that the reporter for my first night hosting would be Allison Scott. Ali and I had class together both semesters last year, and we work together and get along very well. It is also worth mentioning that we were the first two from this rookie intern group to host and report for Post Script.

Prior to the meeting, we were all in training sessions, learning everything from how to operate a camera to actually doing run-throughs of a township meeting. We were able to practice hosting, running cameras, and working in the control room. Those who were not performing any of those tasks actually sat in as township board members, something we all thoroughly enjoyed.


“Trustees” Aaron Jordan, Ali Scott, and Hannah Cook.

The topics that we discussed during these run-throughs were chosen by us, and led by the person who was sitting in the township supervisor’s seat. And yes, I’m sure you just started thinking, “Allowing a bunch of college students to choose the topics for a mock-board meeting? What could possibly go wrong…?” Yes, the topics were probably as interesting as you would imagine.

Fast-forward to the next day around 4:30: I had just arrived at the station after a day that included me falling up the stairs at my house, injuring my foot (yes, I am a giant klutz, and am convinced that, if I weren’t going into journalism, I’d be destined to be in slapstick comedies), as well as getting caught in construction on the way up. I was hoping that wasn’t a sign for how the night was going to go. Thankfully, it wasn’t.

The afternoon/evening at HOMTV started with Ali and I shutting ourselves in the conference room and looking through the pages upon pages of the Township Board meeting packet, trying to at least get a basic knowledge of what we were going to be covering that night. Our biggest annoyance that night, however, was not trying to figure out what to cover, but the mosquitoes that swarmed us, both in the conference room and in the town hall room where the meeting was held. Ironically, the first web story I had written was about mosquitoes and how to avoid being bitten. You can check that story out here (shameless plug, I know).

After Ali did her opening report and sat down, the mosquitoes returned in full force. At one point, Ali and I both went to swat one off of me, I ended up completely missing the mosquito and slapping my shin, and she ended up getting my hand. Lucky for me, I did not end up being bitten last night. She, on the other hand, was not as lucky.

The meeting consisted of me furiously scribbling down notes and questions for my Post Script interview, fast enough to where I could keep up with the meeting, but slowly enough to where I could still somewhat read my own handwriting. Finding that balance is harder than one might think.


Judging by these notes, I’m sure my fellow interns are just glad that I was taking these notes for me rather than them…

After the meeting ended, the interview was very successful, as Treasurer Brixie provided some great answers, making my life a lot easier. One thing I will say, however, is going on-air is more of an adrenaline rush for me than most roller coasters that I’ve been on. My hands, while they weren’t shaking on air, would not stop shaking after the interview for about 15 minutes due to the rush.

Overall, aside from my nerves at the beginning, I’d say my first on-air experience at HOMTV was a success!

Hey look, we match! The HOMTV Dream Team of Ali Scott and Yours Truly

The snapchat caption and our faces say it all

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And, appropriately, I’ll end with an Anchorman reference.

You stay classy, Meridian Township.


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