Wait, I know I’m forgetting something…

First board meeting as a rookie: check!

First time live reporting EVER: check!

Let’s take a look at what all a reporter has to do to prepare for a live shot: a run through of my day.

This dress. . .

. . .or this dress?

I think I’ll go with the royal blue dress. Next I need to do my hair. Big curls or small curls? Definitely not straight because it didn’t look good the last time and I just wore my hair straight yesterday.

Crap! My food is probably burning.

If only my mom was here to make me lunch/dinner. These brats are taking too long. No, never mind. I guess they’re cooking too fast. Why aren’t my peppers and onions cooking fast enough? I’ll put lids on both of them. That should work.

It’s 2:53?!

I told Dan Ray I would pick him up at 3:45/4ish. If I can at least get the bottom of my hair curled before 3 then I should be right on schedule. I should’ve told Dan to just drive. Now he’s waiting around for me. Why didn’t I get ready sooner? Stop dawdling. You still have to eat. OH MY GOSH! Now my food is probably stuck to the pan!

Alright, hair’s done.

Now I need to eat before I put on my makeup or it will get messed up. Oh, and brush my teeth before doing my makeup. I don’t want to wipe any of it off or have to redo it.

Ate, did my makeup, brushed my teeth. . .

Time to get dressed. . .and text Dan back since he texted me ten minutes ago. Black heels or nude? Mom said wear nude and I have brown makeup on so black might clash. But black heels would look better. Whatever, nude it is.

Pick up Dan.

Apologize for being late.

Get to HOMTV.

Get bitten by a bajillion mosquitos. Stress out more. Talk to Brandie. Find main topics for the meeting.

Make notecards.

Brandie said there would be yellow notecards in the intern room. WHY ARE THERE NO YELLOW NOTECARDS? Hotel notepad made into notecards: check.

Brandie’s a lifesaver

She has yellow notecards. Woot! Crappp, how am I going to memorize this I’m going to look so dumb. Ugh, and I’m hungry again. I’ll eat this apple and my granola bar, drink some water, and go get completely ready.

Lipstick, lipstick, what color lipstick?

I want to wear one of my new purple colors, but I think pink will look better. Ah, yes! Someone else is in the bathroom too. I’ll ask her what color lipstick I should wear.


Okay, great. I was thinking pink too. Oh no! This one is too bright. Alright, I’ll tone it down with the light one. Thanks! I wonder if she’s a board member. She probably thinks it is funny that I’m stressing out about what color lipstick to wear. Doesn’t matter. No time to care. I need to study these notecards.

Fast Forward >>

Oh my gosh, Aaron, I don’t know these lines. Do you know your lines? OH MY GOSH HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO FLIP THROUGH NOTECARDS AND HOLD A MIC? Stop stressing, Ali, and study the notecards.

And I’m cued. . .

Three hour meeting. . .

Take some notes. Okay, maybe a lot of notes. What in the world am I going to say for the live post-script? Brandie said I need three to five of the main points. Oh no, how do I word this? Aaron, read this. Does that sound okay? ARE YOU SURE? Alright, but should I say this instead?

Post-Script time. . .

And now I can breathe. . .

But first, lemme take a semi-selfie:

photo (6)

AARON! Get over here and take a pic with me!

I knew I should’ve worn black heels. . .

Let’s recap shall we?

When reporting:

  • Look your best.
  • Go over the meeting agenda.
  • Memorize the reporter/host script. (Do this before you show up for crew call. Actually do this a couple of days before you are reporting, so you can practice each day and become familiar with it.)
  • Take deep breaths, or do whatever ritual you normally do before going on camera.
  • Smile, Smile, Smile! This is so important especially if you mess up. Stay calm, keep smiling and most importantly keep going.
  • Pay attention during the meeting to know the main topics or questions to ask.
  • Ladies and/or gents: Yes, wearing heels looks nice, but you may be unbalanced standing in front of the camera especially if you are nervous. My knees were definitely shaking and I wished I would’ve worn flats.
  • Don’t get down on yourself if you mess up. Practice makes perfect. I messed up numerous times while reporting and it’s totally fine.

Now for the edited version:

But wait! There’s more. . .

Don’t forget to take your makeup off before you go to bed! Then you can finally sleep in peace because the stress is over and it wasn’t that bad after all. And hey, maybe you can even use the clip on your resume reel?!



About allisonrscott

Allison Scott is a recent Michigan State University graduate with a bachelor's degree in broadcast journalism. She spent two years at the community college in her hometown of Muskegon before transferring to MSU and declaring a major in elementary education. Halfway through her first semester of teacher education courses, she changed her major to journalism with a focus in electronic news. She took three years of broadcast classes in high school and realized that was the career she should pursue. She hopes to be a host or anchor at a large market TV station preferably in entertainment.
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One Response to Wait, I know I’m forgetting something…

  1. andreinacent says:

    Thank you so much for the helpful tips!! I love the way you laid out the post, it was quick and easy to read.. not overwhelming!

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