Is it June already?!

Hello again beautiful people!

I hope everyone is well. I am doing great, I hope you are too! (And if you haven’t noticed by now, I am the queen of exclamation points!)

It seems like just yesterday I was interviewing for this intern position with clammy palms and sweaty feet and now it’s june and almost officially summer. Right now, I am awaiting my first writing/video assignment. I’m really excited and nervous at the same time. I’m hoping that I don’t have too many complications and obstacles. My video skills are still a work in progress but working on stories will only help me get better.

I wonder what my assignment will be… hmmm…

Even though we’re only a few weeks in, I’ve learned a lot already. I am slowly realizing how easy it is to get lost in the pack. There are 26 of us! With so many other interns, it’s very easy to slide under the radar unknowingly, not to mention the crowded space and shortened opportunity for use of equipment and computers. In fact, I’m writing this blog post from the intern room because there aren’t anymore computer stations left in this piece! Luckily, I have the musical stylings of Beyoncè to keep me company down here.

Surprisingly, I appreciate the fact that there are so many interns. Although it is easy to get overwhelmed, there are also a lot of advantages. For one, there are a ton of people who are willing to help you. Some interns know more than I do about certain aspects of this job and I can help them with others. Second, with so many people, it’s also easy to make new friends and network for future connections. Last, this opportunity is giving me a realistic vision of what the job market will look like for me when I graduate. There are so many students looking to have the exact same job as I am. What sets me apart? Why should I be hired over other people with the same qualifications? That is something I will have to learn to develop and will likely be a crucial part to my future interviews.

At this point in my career, I am finding it very hard to distinguish myself from my peers. All of them are equally as talented as I am and have about the same amount of experience as I do. Aside from saying that I’m a hard-worker (which is very true but everyone says this) and schmoozing with the boss, I’m not sure what I should say… so to me this means I need to continue to develop my resume so it can speak for itself. Being at HOMtv is giving me a head start to a great resume, just this week I got to work the camera at a township board meeting for the first time! I am really enjoying the hands on experience.

Having this internship has also inspired me to be more attentive to the way I spend my time everyday. Every minute really does count. And with an internship, class and a job, it becomes a necessity to mange your time wisely with so many assignments and due dates. I mean I literally have a midterm exam in my stats class today and I spent much of Thursday at my internship and job. There’s so little time and still so much to be done.

I'll leave you with a parking lot selfie. *insert peace sign fingers*

I’ll leave you with a parking lot selfie. *insert peace sign fingers*

I have a long list of things that I want to get done before the end of the summer and I am determined to get it all done. Hopefully, you will see these projects coming to life very soon!

So, for now I’m still climbing my ladder to success.
Until next time… Sending peace, love and positive vibes your way,

xoxo Whitney

Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit. We are all the same in this notion: The potential for greatness lives within each of us. -Wilma Rudolph


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Hello! I am Whitney, a sister, daughter, friend and an all around silly girl. I am a student at Michigan State University student studying journalism. I am an aspiring journalist and will hopefully be greeting you every morning when I land my dream job at Good Morning America! Stay tuned to read about my journey.
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