Home is where the heart is…

Hi all! Remember me? Well, now that our orientation workshops are through, this past week we were able to use our production, social media, and reporting skills at the Township Board meeting. However, I was not reporting this week and I’m not going to lie, being on the production side made me a little nervous, especially because the board meeting was broadcasted live. We were able to switch off and do different jobs throughout the meeting and it was actually pretty fun getting thrown in and feeling important. I really enjoy working with my fellow interns and I’m thankful for how helpful everyone has been.

Sparty OnHowever, I was anxiously awaiting for last week to be over because on Friday, I flew out to southern California — where I currently am typing from — to be home with my family and for my graduation party yesterday. This was my first time home since Christmas break! I was so excited to be back — to say the least. My boyfriend and I flew out on our first flight together and after a 11-hour day of driving to Detroit and layovers plus running on about 20 minutes of sleep, we made it to sunny Orange County and we’re thrown Salt Creek Beachinto all the festivities. I am a big fan of saltwater and our first stop was the lovely Pacific ocean with my four younger siblings. A day of relaxation, family time, and fine wine was a great start to my weekend at home. I also had a wonderful graduation party with family, family friends, and friends from high school. There was a lot of “So, what’s next?” and “Are you back for good?” which although became repetitive, I got share my experience with HOMTV thus far and explain all the great things I have the opportunity to do with Grad Partythis internship. Being so far away from home about 90% of the year, I’ve learned to appreciate every little moment with my family and be thankful for all these flights home to see them — plus, California is definitely a place to be appreciative of. While this weekend is coming to an end and the hours seem to go by quicker, I know that vacation is almost over and that it is time to head back to my HOM away from home.


Thanks for reading and stay tuned for all the stories to come this week!


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