In which Hannah has trouble thinking of a title…

So did you hear about the two cell phones who got married? The wedding was terrible, but the reception was terrific!


I am probably going to start each blog post with a terrible joke or pun now, so that’s something that you’ll have to get used to. Welcome back.

Well, it’s June now, and all of our workshops are done. That means I am (technically) ready to start working on my own assignments. I am both excited and mildly horrified by this fact. OK, maybe horrified is a little bit dramatic, but I’m still nervous to be venturing out on my own and producing things that will actually be shown on air. I’m also excited, because I’ve never been in a situation where I have this much freedom with a project. This is all new to me, and I can’t wait to get started on all of my assignments this week.

I don’t have too much to report from this past week, because I was scheduled to work crew, and we only had one event. However, that was Crew A’s first event, and it was really exciting! I got to operate several different stations over the course of the Township Board meeting, and it was really thrilling to do it live. The two jobs that I really enjoyed most were operating cameras and operating audio.

Operating the cameras during the meeting!

Operating the cameras during the meeting!

I have to admit, I was a little nervous about doing the cameras at first, because I wasn’t sure if I’d be good at getting my shots set up in time. But honestly, it came easier to me than I expected. I still have a long road of improvement ahead of me, but I know that just takes practice. I had a lot of fun, and I can’t wait to do it again!

Couldn't resist a headset selfie.

Couldn’t resist a headset selfie.

Despite having a blast on camera operations, I think audio operation remains my one true love. I have become so fond of that little audio board in the control room, and I’m feeling the most comfortable when I’m in there. This meeting was a different audio experience for me though. Previous to the meeting, I had only ever run audio for Meridian News Now, which means I am responsible for 3 faders. For the Board meeting, I had to really pay close attention to who was talking, and anticipate who would be speaking next, so I could bring the mics up and down as needed. It kept me on my toes, and that made it so much more exciting!

Well guys, I think I’ve got to call it a night. It’s 1 am and I have a long week ahead of me, so this is where I leave you. But I’ll be back next week with plenty of stories about my first round of assignments. Thanks for checking in, and as always, you can follow me on Twitter for more internship updates!

Stay fresh.

~ Hannah


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Videographer. Editor. Production intern at HOMTV 21. East Lansing, Michigan.
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