Just Get Yourself Start On!

With the first project been assigned, I will do a promo video to remind residents pay attention to the close time of parks in Meridian Township. This is the first time for me to use Motion to animate a video, it will due the day after tomorrow but I still have some problems need to figure out.Stressful! But also excite for the improvement afterwards!

Motion functions quite different with After Effect, it has much simpler interface which allows you to find the tool in shorter time, but what would be the best is it can connect to Final Cut! 



I have a lot of projects finished by Final Cut Pro X, so the perfect compatible capability is my first concern. Once I have a clip of special effect done in After Effect, but it is not allowed me to import to Final Cut (may be I didn’t find the right way to do so). As a promotion intern I spend a lot of time on exploring how to deliver the message appealingly and efficiently to audience,  that is a subtle thing which is hard to manipulate, but in HOMTV, I’m glad in HOMTV I can start with a simple step and have a lot of tries until find the my favorite style. So when you get your project from HOMTV, don’t be afraid, go forward directly, start it as soon as you can, everything will not as bad as you thought.


Intern in HOMTV is never a easy time for us to relax in, but we are so enjoy and cherish every minute when stay here, because this is the place where we start to grow up.


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