Week Quatro: A recap

The fourth week of the HOMTV Summer 2014 Internship has ended, and the wheels finally seem to be turning at full steam for us rookies. Fibrejet has been conquered (kind of…), Finalcut mastered (ok maybe not totally), and all of the workshops have been completed (that part is at least 100% true). The fourth week marked the beginning of our actual assignments/crew duties. I myself had the pleasure of “holdin’ it down” with Crew A. So I was on call to crew for the Township Board meeting on Tuesday night.

The Live Production Workshop the night before the live taping of the Township Board Meeting had me a bit nervous I shall not lie. We learned the full run-through of how to set up for, shoot, and work the audio and technical side of an entire meeting. All I could really think of during this was:

I am not going to be the intern who messes this up.

And luckily not I, nor anyone else did. The filming of the meeting went as smoothly as a bunch of first timers could have hoped for. I think my fellow rookies would agree that it was due in large part to the help and leadership of our superiors, who taught and helped us run the meeting. I continue to be impressed at how welcoming and enthusiastic to help, teach, and guide the staff members at HOMTV are to us rookie interns. You do not find that kind of environment at all internships, I can tell you that from experience.

The rest of my week had me creating my first test promo for Darkus, a promotion for a new fictional dog park in Meridian Township, and doing a lot of handy work around the office/studio. Thursday afternoon I got to meet and work with part-time anchor with D’Destin Kaufman, while he, some other interns, and I repainted a Senior Living set and helped retrofit two stages with wheels so that they can become mobile platforms for news desks. I also think I have somehow stumbled into the role of the “lift heavy stuff” intern (and not for lack of other qualified candidates). I even made it into a tweet (https://twitter.com/homtvdeborah/status/474999136597843968) from the boss herself, Deb Gutherie. Not bad for only my fourth week on the job.



About afrankfort1

Alex is a graduate of Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and a focus in Creative Writing. Equipped with a background/education in analytics, grammar, and public speaking, he also has a passion for storytelling (in any medium). During his time at HOMTV, Alex hopes to gain a proficient knowledge of production, camera work, and broadcasting.
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