First Assignment Done…Onto The Next One!

As we each received our first assignments for the week, I was excited to see what Meridian township had in store for me. Getting into contact with your sources is the first and most important task, and often the most difficult. Thankfully, I had little trouble getting ahold of several city officials I needed to speak with. 

It was a hot, sunny week in the mitten and I was eager to head into the field and shoot B-Roll (for you noobies that means supplemental or alternative background footage to be seen intercut with the interviews). One of my assignments was to create a package updating the township on summer road  construction. And let me tell you, if you live in Michigan you know there is that of two seasons: Winter and construction. Luckily the site of the Van Atta Bridge widening had plenty of action. Not only were the construction workers biting to get in on the story, but so were the mosquitos. Thank God for the repellent wipes in our field equipment! 

This week I also got a chance to work the teleprompter for Meridian News Now & Meridian Magazine. Later that night, the township held the Planning Commission Meeting where I had the opportunity to be on the other side of the camera as crew. Running the camera, audio board, and engineering were all very exciting to see how they operate when it comes to a live show. Image


Although it was a stressful week getting to interviews, classes and my other job, working with the guest speakers and editing my footage has taught me a great deal already. I strongly believe in the motto work hard play hard and after a long, busy week like mine, I got a chance to hit the ballpark with my best friend and cheer on the Detroit Tigers! So at the end of the day, my Stand-Up needed a little work, and to be honest I know I could come up with more creative B-Roll footage and interesting shots. But just like life, all things are a work in progress…..



About sresovsky25

Sierra is a junior broadcast journalism and adverting major with a minor in sales communication at Michigan State University. Previously, Sierra has worked as a news reporter for the IMPACT 89FM and executive producer for the Tony Conley Morning Show on 1320 WILS in Lansing. While at HOMtv, Sierra is looking to gain real-world experience while building lasting relationships in the field. With her main passion being hard news and investigative reporting, Sierra aspires to report for CNN or NBC in the near future. In her free time you can find her somewhere near a lake, at a Tigers game, or going out with friends. If you have any story ideas or suggestions feel free to shoot an email her way.
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