This story is a bunch of sewage


But really, it is a bunch of sewage considering the story is about the sanitary sewer system in Meridian Township. This wasn’t my first choice for a story assignment, nor was it even my second or third. I wanted to do a story on the Adopt A Fest that Ingham County Animal Shelter was going to have this weekend. Who wouldn’t want to see cute animals especially dogs?

My experience with the sewer story came together smoothly. I personally think it flows together very well. First I made some phone calls, and set up a few interviews. I was able to add another interview and finally a stand up. Once I had these huge chunks of the story, everything started to move pretty fast. Although it was hard to find footage of sewers, I opened my mind, let my creativity flow and soon enough, b-roll footage came rushing at me. After getting a little dirty from trying to get the best shots, I was able to head back to HOMTV, and it was definitely time if you know what I mean. But first, I had to stop at Speedway where things got even more gassy. Then I got back to HOMTV, sat down, wrote my story and started editing. It was such a relief when I was finally finished. Hopefully no one thinks my story stinks.

Sanitary Sewer System

Smell it for yourself here.


About allisonrscott

Allison Scott is a recent Michigan State University graduate with a bachelor's degree in broadcast journalism. She spent two years at the community college in her hometown of Muskegon before transferring to MSU and declaring a major in elementary education. Halfway through her first semester of teacher education courses, she changed her major to journalism with a focus in electronic news. She took three years of broadcast classes in high school and realized that was the career she should pursue. She hopes to be a host or anchor at a large market TV station preferably in entertainment.
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