Ctrl C & Ctrl V

Welcome back my friends, to the show that never ends! Week 5 is in the books, and what a week it was. I was assigned my first real promo, an anti-drunk driving PSA. This project proved to be highly enjoyable for me because the entire process of planning out a storyboard, filming, and then editing your footage together has proven to be entirely too much fun.

Editing and storyboarding I think are really what do it for me though. It’s like you’re working this giant 1,000 piece puzzle, only there are multiple ways the pieces might fit together “correctly”. But, where it gets addictive is in trying to find the right combination that really make the footage come alive. After initially putting all my shots together in the sequencing from my original storyboarding, I found that the message was too slowed down. Also my SOT for two of the promo characters talking to each other left a lot to be desired. So, away I went in a flurry of cuts, edits, and reorganizing of the shots. I ended up with a more succinct and potent message I think from this new ordering of my footage than I was previously able to accomplish. Now, as I go into work this morning, all I have left to do (in my mind) is to score my promo. To give it a piercing sound that will draw attention to and project the gravity of this subject matter I am going to try to create my own version of Hans Zimmer’s “Razor Blade on a Piano Wire”, which some of you might remember from the Joker scenes in The Dark Knight. But, I think I may be going the procession route. I’ve never been much of a strings kind of guy.

I shall make sure to put the finished project in next week’s blog post, don’t you worry.

In other news, when shooting B-roll for the Planning Commission on Monday(6/9), I got the most incredible footage of a cute little birdy taking a bath in a puddle. Ohhhhhhh it was sooo cute.

Until next time.


About afrankfort1

Alex is a graduate of Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and a focus in Creative Writing. Equipped with a background/education in analytics, grammar, and public speaking, he also has a passion for storytelling (in any medium). During his time at HOMTV, Alex hopes to gain a proficient knowledge of production, camera work, and broadcasting.
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